Not only did Chrissie Hynde record my song ‘Death Is Not Enough’ and include it on the latest Pretenders album ‘Alone’, she’s been playing it as her first encore when headlining on the band’s recent US tour. Here’s a different version of her performing the song, this time in her home town, at the EJ Thomas Hall, Akron, Ohio!


Sam Gnerre wrote in the Los Angeles Daily News: “But it’s her version of British songwriter Marek Rymaszewski’s dark love song, “Death Is Not Enough”, that turns out to be the album’s most stunning track. Hynde sings the hypnotic chorus softly against an understated arrangement that creates a haunting atmosphere seemingly by accident, her voice fading away into the echo as the song ends.”

And good to see Robert Whitford posting in reaction to the video: “This should be the next single, a ballad worthy of Kid, bittersweet, its sadness is like a lament, a fallow kiss.”  Nice one, Robert!

Check out the original version in Sounds below!