Track 9   The Beautiful Cellist In The NYO

It was a summer evening - I was lazing at home
No one was calling but strangely I didn't feel alone
I'd cooked myself a mushroom risotto
Drunk a lot of wine to send me to sleep
So I turned on the TV to laugh at politicians and the bourgeoisie
But I found Messiaen's 'Turangalîla' shimmering out at me
Then the camera focused on the cellos
And my heart did a giant leap …

'Marek is probably the most extraordinary musician I have met in thirty five years. David Bowie meets The Eagles on a very dark night and as good as both of them. There is an eerie haunting quality to what he does and a shameless love of beauty and excess in life and art. Inimitable.'
Robin Millar


Chrissie Hynde’s version of my song ‘Death Is Not Enough’ played live again!

Not only did Chrissie Hynde record my song ‘Death Is Not Enough’ and include it on the latest Pretenders album ‘Alone’, she’s been playing it as her first encore when headlining on the band’s recent US tour. Here’s a different version of her performing the song, this time in her home town, at the EJ Thomas Hall, Akron, Ohio!


Sam Gnerre wrote in the Los Angeles Daily News: “But it’s her version of British songwriter Marek Rymaszewski’s dark love song, “Death Is Not Enough”, that turns out to be the album’s most stunning track. Hynde sings the hypnotic chorus softly against an understated arrangement that creates a haunting atmosphere seemingly by accident, her voice fading away into the echo as the song ends.”

And good to see Robert Whitford posting in reaction to the video: “This should be the next single, a ballad worthy of Kid, bittersweet, its sadness is like a lament, a fallow kiss.”  Nice one, Robert!

Check out the original version in Sounds below!

The Despicable Mischief Of Marek Rymaszewski

There’s a killer in everyone, oh yes there is

¡ the life and times of el despicablo !

“If the pussy sweets you that much, you won’t even think of the pain in your fuckin’ head. Make sure it’s not some fat nasty bitch though, ’cos then you’re fucked. Get one of them model chicks. One of those bitches that stay far from the kitchen and shit.” (Shaggy, explaining why ‘pussy’ is his favourite hangover cure)

“It was God who made me beautiful. If I weren’t, then I’d be a teacher.” (Linda Evangelista)

Two scorned girlfriends take revenge on same ex-boyfriend ... by sleeping with each other and refusing to let him join in (even when he arrived with a burger in a bid to convince them).

"You can't be a fan of mine and not want peace in the world." (Madonna)

Man who is 90 per cent covered in tattoos has his genitals removed because they spoiled the view of his body art.





It’s New York City, 1929. Later that night, back in her apartment, Haley Rae carefully washes blood off her hands and face and wipes a bloody knife. OMG, she is indeed the New York serial killer. Has she killed Hiero? If not, who has she killed? As the audience digests all this, Haley Rae sings ‘And I Break’. This is another big audience moment, eliciting sympathy for Haley Rae despite her murderous proclivities. The song explains how she was sexually abused by her father and by his friends and how all that has rendered her incapable of feeling love for men, for whom she only feels hate. Maybe Hiero might be the first male who has somehow managed to ‘touch’ her, however superficially … . WHAT a great vocal by Kris, produced expertly as always by Robin:

And I Break

(Lead Vocal: Kristina Lao)

I wish I knew how to love
Cos all I know is how to hate
I wish my cold heart could open
But my body remembers ... and I break


El Despicablo, aka Marek Rymaszewski, presents a well funky celebration of the Tory Party over the past three glorious years, with superb animation by nomattsland!

Party!  We’re gonna party with some fat dudes
We’re gonna party with some thin babes