Track 1    JoJo Wakes Up

It’s two in the morning and JoJo’s really stoned
She’s sent e-mails and done youtube but her agent hasn’t phoned
She’s so desperate to dance, she wants the world to see her fly
So she jumps from her window & spirals into the sky

'Marek is probably the most extraordinary musician I have met in thirty five years. David Bowie meets The Eagles on a very dark night and as good as both of them. There is an eerie haunting quality to what he does and a shameless love of beauty and excess in life and art. Inimitable.'
Robin Millar


Chrissie Hynde recorded my song ‘Death Is Not Enough’

I’m very proud that Chrissie Hynde recorded my song ‘Death Is Not Enough’ on the latest Pretenders album ‘Alone’. Here she is performing the song at the Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, New Jersey!


John Lewis reviewed the album in ‘Uncut’: “Best of all might be the album’s closing ballad, “Death Is Not Enough”.  It’s the one song not written by Hynde herself: it was initially written by her friend Marek Rymaszewski as a string-drenched miniature.  But, in the same way that she transformed Ray Davies’ “I Go To Sleep”, Hynde completely owns this song, re-creating it as a heart-stopping power ballad that could provide the sensational climax to a funeral.  ALONE starts with a celebration of loneliness and ends with a celebration of death.  It’s a wonderfully bloody-minded riposte to the clichés of rock’n’roll from one of the genre’s undersung greats.”

Check out the original version in Sounds below!


The Despicable Mischief Of Marek Rymaszewski

There’s a killer in everyone, oh yes there is

¡ the life and times of el despicablo !

“Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d like to be skinny like that but not with all those flies and death and stuff.” (Mariah Carey)

Polish pensioner destroys entire block of flats when he tries to kill ants by throwing insecticide and a burning towel down ventilation shaft.

Punter: “You’re shit!” Jo Brand: “Oh, we have a comedian in the house.”  Punter: “We wish!”





It’s New York City, 1929. Old South toff turned bounder, 'Cocaine' Charlie, is throwing his own birthday party at his speakeasy HOOCH. He suspects Our Hero, Hiero (yes!), of having an affair with his favourite girl and Our Heroine, Haley Rae. So he says to Hiero, "I’m just checking my yard for snakes … seeing as it’s my birthday!", and then sings this loud, lewd and totally paranoid 'birthday' song ...

Snake In The Cake

(Lead Vocal: Marek Rymaszewski)

There’s a snake in the cake, a toad in the road
A louse in the house - Is it me? Or is it you?


El Despicablo, aka Marek Rymaszewski, presents a well funky celebration of the Tory Party over the past two years, with superb animation by nomattsland!

Party!  We’re gonna party with some fat dudes
We’re gonna party with some thin babes